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URCF questions to the Copenhagen Fashion Summit

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Following the statement by the Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion on the Copenhagen Fashion Summit starting tomorrow, the Union would like to pose three questions to the CFS. They are available as a PDF, as well as below: May 6th, 2019 We, the Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion, recognize that the response of the fashion sector to the intensifying ecological crisis has been – and continues to be – over-simplified, fragmented and obstructed […]

UCRF on 2019 Copenhagen Fashion Summit

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5th May 2019 As the programme for the 2019 Copenhagen Fashion Summit has now been published, the Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion issues the following public comments on the programme. In particular, the Union wishes to highlight the paradoxical or even misleading use of language in describing “sustainable fashion” activity. With regard to the panel “The Power of Creatives”, the programme suggests the participants will address the statement that “Fashion designers hold the power, […]