UCRF at CFDA Education Summit 2019

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On June 17th, CFDA held its yearly education summit in NYC, this time on the lengthy theme of “Diversity + Inclusion. Regenerating + Maintaining. Sustainability + Circularity: Identifying Shared Needs and Priorities and Developing an Action Plan.”

Lynda Grose and Otto von Busch were invited to discuss the topic “Reflections on sustainability + circularity – where are we? Where do we need to be?” at the CFDA education summit in NYC. After a shared presentation and discussion, Lynda and Otto held a workshop on the theme with participants, where a sense of urgency around the topic was noticeable.

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UCRF Addendum to the report ‘Pulse of the Fashion Industry 2019 Update’

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In May 2019, the Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) published an update to the Pulse Report, a yearly report it first commissioned in 2017. The Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion (UCRF) appreciates the value of regular evaluation of industry performance that the Pulse Updates seek to offer. The report works to illuminate to what extent efforts are genuinely working for the environment or if they are ‘business first,’ and it aligns with UCRF’s activities to drive change towards sustainability goals in fashion. This is critical in reaching, by now, a very uncompromising deadline of just over a decade to reverse catastrophic climate change (IPCC, 2018). In the light of the stark reality of the type and urgency of action on climate change, UCRF offers an Addendum to the report Pulse of the Fashion Industry 2019 Update; in which the UCRF highlights three areas which it considers are in need of further critical consideration. While UCRF appreciates the work and data the Pulse Reports make publicly available, it is the explicit goal of UCRF to facilitate critical discussion, civic engagement, and to change conditions in the area of fashion and sustainability, for the benefit of the whole population.

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Submission of Written Questions to Planet Textiles 2019 Conference

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We, the Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion, recognize that the response of the fashion sector to the intensifying ecological crisis has been – and continues to be – over-simplified, fragmented and obstructed by the growth logic of extractive business models as they are currently realized and practiced.

As a group of concerned researchers, supported by more than 380 signees from institutions around the world, our view is that textile and clothing researchers can no longer remain uninvolved or complacent, and we need to conduct ourselves in new ways.

We therefore pose the following questions to Planet Textiles conference 2019. These questions are available to download as a pdf here. We do this because we are concerned about the level of marketing around sustainability themes currently prevalent in the fashion industry and the disconnect between front-facing messaging and back-end real change. We are concerned that if companies and organizations are not open to taking on difficult questions, those questions and the issues that prompt them will be missed and remain unattended to. Specifically we seek to examine three areas:

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UK Government rejects all recommendations of the Fixing Fashion report


The UK Government’s response to the recommendations of Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee’s report, Fixing Fashion: Clothing Consumption and Sustainability is now published. The report, which was published in February 2019, called for an end to throwaway fashion and included a set of recommendations for environmental and labour market practices. 

The UK Government has rejected each recommendation, including:
A new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme to reduce textile waste with a one penny charge per garment on producers.
– Mandatory environmental targets for fashion retailers with a turnover above £36 million

UCRF determines that the rejection of the report’s recommendations indicates UK Government’s firm priority of businesses over planet and people.